Don’t Give Up Just Yet

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

There was a boy named Akash who lived in a village. He was upset because his village faced a drought. Everything was drying up, the cattle were starving, and the crops were dying.

He went to the villagers and told them, “Remember, our grandparents told us stories that there is an underground river flowing through our village. We should all start digging to see.”

The next morning, everyone started digging with hopes to find water. But after several hours of struggle, everyone was exhausted and gave up hope.

But Akash didn’t stop and kept digging until he saw some water. He screamed in happiness, called everyone, and said, “Don’t give up just yet.”

Other villagers continued digging with him and dug a well to store water. Everyone was happy as they never had to face another drought.

Moral – Hard work pays off in time.

Never Spread Rumors About Others

Never Spread Rumors About Others

An old man once spread rumors that his neighbor was a thief. The neighbor was arrested and released a few days after he was proved innocent.

He sued the old man for defaming him. The old man defended himself in the court saying that those were just words, and they didn’t harm his neighbor in any way.

The judge asked the old man to write down all the things he said in a paper, tear it into small pieces and throw them away on his way back home. The hearing was to be continued the next day.

The next day, when the old man came to the court, before announcing the sentence, the judge asked him to go back and collect all the pieces of paper that he threw away on his way back home. The old man said, “It is impossible. I won’t be able to find them as the wind carried and scattered them at many different places.”

To this, the judge replied, “In the same way, your words have spread and now you can’t take them back because your neighbor’s reputation is already harmed.”

Moral – Don’t say things you cannot take back.

Making A Little Difference

Making A Little Difference

An old man once walking by the beach saw a girl throwing something gently in the sea.

He went closer to ask the lady what was she doing.

She said, “The sun is up and the tides are going low. If I don’t help the starfish, they will die.”

The man said, “What difference does it make? There are thousands of them. You can’t save them all. Your efforts will be in vain.”

The girl replied, “Maybe I can’t save them all. But every life I save makes a big difference.”

Moral – Even a single life saved is worth the effort.

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Who Is Richer

Who Is Richer

A father once took his daughter to a village to show her poverty.

After spending a full day at the farm of a poor family, the father asked his daughter, “Tell me what you saw today? Did you learn anything?”

The daughter replied, “Yes Dad, we have a pool, they have rivers, we have lanterns while they have stars, we have a dog, they have so many animals, we buy our food, they grow theirs, we have walls for protection, they have friends, we have television, they have family and relatives, we read the encyclopedia for knowledge, they read Bible. Thanks for showing me how poor we are.”

The father was speechless. He learned a lesson that day from his little daughter which changed his perspective for happiness.

Moral – Happiness lies in small things. Kids know this, and sometimes we can share their knowledge for better life lessons.

The Class Topper

The Class Topper

Raghav was the son of a cobbler. He loved to go to school and learn new things. During the night he worked hard with his father and in the day, he worked hard in his school.

One day his teacher announced in the class that there was a test next week. After the teacher had gone, they started talking about who can top the class. “I would love to try, work hard and top the class,” Raghav said. The whole class started laughing.

“You are a cobbler’s son, you cannot top the class,” they said. Raghav ignored them and studied all week long and gave his best on the test.

A few days later the results came and the teacher announced that Raghav had topped the class. The whole class realized their mistake and apologized to Raghav. Raghav helped a lot of his classmates with studies and they helped him too. All of them were happy.

Moral: Never judge or underestimate someone. Learn and grow together.

The Savior Was Saved

The Savior Was Saved

An ant in search of water was wandering through the forest and came around a water spring. It walked close to the spring and suddenly slipped.

Just when the ant was drowning, a dove was flying by. The dove saw the ant and threw a twig into the water. The ant climbed the twig and the dove safely took it to the ground.

At the same time, a hunter was trying to throw a net on the dove to capture it. The ant guessed what was about to happen. It quickly went and bit the hunter’s foot. In pain, he dropped the net on the ground, the dove escaped safely.

Moral – One good action leads to another.

Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter

Meena and Teena were sisters and walked every day to school. Their mother always gave them Bread and Butter in their tiffin.  Every day while returning home they saw a lady sitting on the footpath.

Meena always saved some of her Bread for the lady and gave it to her. “Why do you give your bread to her Meena? She’s dirty.” One day Teena asked Meena. Meena smiled and said “We have everything we want, she doesn’t, so I help her. She likes bread and butter too.”

Their mom listened to their conversation and hugged them. “That’s right! We should help others and be kind. When you make others smile, God smiles at you.” She said.

Moral: Don’t look down upon the needy, help them.